IMPACT Program

IMaging, PsychopAthology, Cognition, and Therapeutics

The IMPACT Program is engaged in a variety of studies of the brain mechanisms underlying cognition and mood in healthy individuals and in those with psychiatric and medical disorders.

The IMPACT Program seeks to develop and evaluate new treatments for people with disorders of cognition and mood. Our program provides a range of research training opportunities for psychiatric residents, post-doctoral fellows, medical students and graduate students. Our research and research training programs are supported through grants and endowments from the Federal Government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and research foundations, as well as through the generous contributions of individual donors.

Dr. Keshavan’s Lab has also been featured on CBS Boston as part of Matters of the Mind: Finding Better Ways to Identify Psychotic Disorders. The full link to this article can be found here: Keshavan Lab on CBS